Our freedom of expression is under threat. Only this year we’ve seen journalists being killed in cold blood, artists being shot at, Professors and Nobel prize winners losing their jobs for unpopular jokes or ideas, newspapers censoring cartoons, the list goes on. At the university level, events with controversial speakers are shut down or at best not even allowed to happen on “Safe Space” grounds, mainly by Student Unions.

A couple of years ago, some of us decided to do something about this and we founded the Free Speech and Secular Society at The University of Manchester. We are the only student society in the country that is campaigning for free speech and we hope to inspire students from all over the country to create more free speech societies. If we want to keep our society free, The University is a key setting where free speech should be promoted. Whatever we achieve at the university level will be reflected in the media, politics and all the places where the future influential professionals will be contributing to society.

We need free speech in order to keep evolving as a society, to be able to challenge power, to protect other rights and freedoms and to get closer to the truth about how things are or should be to bring forth the best of human potential.

The Free Speech and Secular Society is committed to widening the narrow range of “acceptable” views students are exposed to today, in order to foster fertile and free intellectual discussion. In order to fulfil this task we are organising events with controversial speakers and on controversial topics. As university students, we should not be afraid of engaging with ideas we dislike.

And here is how you can help us. We need money to pay for the expenses and fees of controversial speakers travelling to our events. The Students Union funding helps but it’s simply not enough if we really want to have an impact and bring a change.

If you think that what we do is worthy and you want to give us a hand please donate below.